Using the iPad for Photography

I am still finding my way in terms of using the new iPad in my photographic workflow.  I think any serious editing has to be done on a desktop, or laptop computer.  However for fun, and creative exploration the iPad is an obvious choice.  I used Snapseed a few days ago to edit my first “on tablet” photo, and I was impressed with the results. Since then I have been moving images over to my iPad to see if anything strikes me as I go through an old library of photos from a trip to West Virginia. 

The iPad is a bit more locked down than Android in terms of being able to navigate the file system.  Coming from Windows, and Android I am used to more control over where files are stored.  In fact before I made the switch to OS X  from Windows 7 I used iTunes because it was really the only option for managing my iTunes music library.  I never really liked how iTunes handled things, and on the iPad I like it even less now that I have to sync apps individually with the iPad.  it’s clunky.  A device as refined at the iPad should have some type of system in place where Apple can still influence with their ‘order from chaos’ concept, but yet still allow the user to decide exactly where things go.

I transferred some photos over the other night from my iPhoto library on the iMac.  I had imported them from a Lightroom library to iPhoto.  Once I am finished fiddling around with them on the iPad I will want to remove them from my device.  I have to investigate exactly how to do that without having them automagically deleted from my iMac.  Ah…iTunes.   My nemesis.  I shake my first in anger at thee!

I am hoping in the next day or so I have a few more photos I can post here from Snapseed.  I also purchased iPhoto on the iPad, am looking forward to trying it out too.  I read that iPhoto bested Photoshop Touch on the iPad.  I am intrgued.

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