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More Tinkering With Lightroom and Photoshop HDR Pro

The main greenhouse at Longwood Gardens
The main greenhouse at Longwood Gardens

This is another image that I ran through Photoshop HDR Pro, and Lightroom.   This was also taken at Longwood Gardens which is located in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  It’s a great place to just walk around even if you don’t shoot any photographs.    I took this in winter so I only chose to walk around the greenhouses that particular day.  If memory serves it was about 20 degrees out which is far to cold to be shooting for my tastes.  For a related post – see this!

Different Directions – Refining HDR With Lightroom

Winter Afternoon At Longwood Gardens

I wrote in a previous post about using Lightroom to process HDR images.  Until recently I had been using plug-ins within Lightroom to do the tone mapping, and then would apply global adjustments back in Lightroom.. The tone mapping process would generally entail sliding numerous controls around until I got something I  liked.  This kind of process could sometimes lead to heavy handed HDR. You may get the trees to look the way you would like, but the edge of the sky may show hideous halos, or some other unintended artifact.   In many cases I have gone rogue, and shot hand held which is not the ideal way to shoot HDR. As a result I could only shoot 3 brackets instead of the 5 shots when using my tripod.  Depending on the lighting sometimes the exposures would not lend themselves to HDR. In those cases trying to get a decently tone mapped image would be like trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. Continue reading Different Directions – Refining HDR With Lightroom

Using Lightroom 4.1 for HDR processing – My First Hack

I always noticed often when performing HDR processing it was difficult to always come up with a realistic image.  I am a fan of the surreal, and hyperrealistic look, but there will be situations where you just want something that looks real.  I have finally stumbled onto a process that works for me…so far.  Adobe has added the ability to edit 32 bit HDR images in Lightroom.  This is huge for me as my workflow is largely Lightroom oriented.  I have Photoshop, but found Lightroom so much easier to use for general photographic tasks.  I know Photoshop is so much more powerful, and I have been taking advantage of the blending of layers, and fine detail/selection tools more of late.  Lightroom is familiar though so it is where I am most comfortable. Continue reading Using Lightroom 4.1 for HDR processing – My First Hack

I’m Excited About Trying HDR Editing in Lightroom 4.1 via Photoshop CS6

Lightroom 4.1 now has the ability to process 32 bit TIFF files from HDR apps.  This is great because now I can take advantage of all the non-destructive abilities of Lightroom processing.  Previously I’d start in Lightroom, and then export my images to Photomatix, or HDR Efex, and then re-import back into Lightroom.  So in this respect the process is very much the same, except now I am exporting to Photoshop, and merging in HDR Pro in Photoshop CS6.  Once I am in HDR Pro I can de-ghost, and save the file back as a 32 bit TIFF to Lightroom. Continue reading I’m Excited About Trying HDR Editing in Lightroom 4.1 via Photoshop CS6

Adobe Creative Cloud – Impressions After a Month

I had a few complaints upon Creative Cloud being released.  In hindsight they weren’t such a big deal.

  • Adobe clarified the point that Lightroom 4 will be included, and available later in 2012.  That’s works fine for me.  I already upgraded to v4 as a standalone product a few months back.  It’s nice to know going forward I’ll have access to future versions as a Cloud subscriber.  Win.
  • I bristled initially at the touch apps not all being included.  I understand that Adobe doesn’t have control the app markets.  They have clarified as well on their site how it works – you buy 3 touch apps, and get access to a free month of Cloud access subject to conditions of eligibility.  I had purchased Proto last fall for Android to tinker around with wire-framing some web designs I had been working on. Fast forward to today, and I find that I am not using it much primarily because I now use an iPad most of the time when away from the desktop.  it would be nice to automatically have Proto on the iPad too.
  • I was also interested in using Photoshop Touch, but read luke warm reviews, and the fact that the files have a resolution limit (2048×2048) which as a photographer doesn’t work for me.  So for now I will keep my Photoshop love on the desktop for now.
  • Currently the other touch apps are such that I wouldn’t use them in my web or photographic workflow.  Until I do I’m not purchasing any of them just for a free month.
  • I have found the access to all of the Creative Suite apps to be very nice.  I can tinker around in apps that I would not have normally had access.  I am a prior Web Premium CS user which precluded me from using the video apps.  I’m no videographer, but have always wanted to tinker around with Premier, and After Effects for photo slideshows just to see what I could do.  Now I can without spending a lot of money.
  • I am interested in checking out Muse to see if it will help me with rapid prototyping of web designs – also included.
  • I like to use jQuery in my web design for animations, and interactive elements.  Now I have access to Edge which looks like a very nice animation tool using HTML 5.  Pretty cool.  I plan to see if it is for me.  I haven’t used it yet so I am not sure if it uses jQuery or not.  Dreamweaver has jQuery integration.
  • All things considered it is a pretty good deal which I have stated before.  Especially if you are an existing CS user since you get a special break on the price for the first year.  It’s essentially a no brainer.  You can access the cloud for a month, and see if you like it.  if not then you can just purchase the upgrade to CS6, and then wait for the point releases going forward to determine whether you need the new features.  Subscription based software is where it’s all going. You may as well jump in now.
Adobe has a general FAQ available here.
Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


Adobe CS6 Products Available for Trial Downloads

As expected Adobe made the CS6 applications and some suites available for trial download today Monday May 7th.

Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Flash Professional among several other products and 4 suite editions as follows:

  • Design and Web Premium
  • Design Standard
  • Production Premium
  • Master Collection

Adobe Creative Cloud is expected to be available on Friday may 11.

Check it out at Adobe’s site!

What are you most excited to try in Adobe CS6?

Adobe launched CS6 a few weeks back.  They gave the option to buy a license the traditional way, or to get a subscription which allows you access to all of their products.  I am just curious how many of you are buying a particular suite, or going the Creative Cloud subscription route?   What feature, or product are you most excited about trying?

I am coming from CS4 so I am pretty excited about using the advanced selection tools unveiled in CS5, and 5.5, and the content aware features that have been beefed up this time around.  I’m also very interested in playing around with After Effects, and Premiere to help me curate, and present my photos rather than just posting slideshows.

Here in the US the tentative release date is May 7th.  Let the countdown begin!

Adobe CS6 Launch Event


Adobe CS6 Launch EventToday Adobe will be holding a launch event where they will detail the upcoming CS6 release offerings.

Make sure you check it out 10 am PT/1pm ET / 5pm GMT.

Also be aware that there are some new ways of purchasing this time around.  They will still offer licenses for the suite of apps that pertain to your interests.  You can also purchase a Creative Cloud Subscription that will allow access to all of the offerings in the CS6 suite of desktop, and tablet apps in addition to cloud services.  Existing CS customers will get special introductory pricing.  Be sure to check it out.

Adobe Unveils CS6 Creative Cloud – Existing Users Get Special Price

I was not sure what to expect from Adobe given all of the controversy surrounding their upgrade policies for the upcoming Creative Suite 6 release.  Last December they gave a 20% discount on the upgrade price, then offerred an extension a couple of times earlier this year.  Finally they announced last month that there would be a grace period through May 6, 2012 in which you could buy the 5.5 upgrade, and get the CS6 upgrade for free.  Ok – cool.  This still left a lot of long time users of CS2 or CS3 in the cold as the offer was only for CS4, and upward.

I think Adobe is trying to make amends. Continue reading Adobe Unveils CS6 Creative Cloud – Existing Users Get Special Price

Adobe Creative Cloud and CS6 Unveiled

Adobe Creative Suite 6


I just stumbled on to Adobe’s site at the very late hour of 2am on the East coast of the U.S.   I just happened to be surfing on the iPad, and saw the exciting news!  They have the new pages up for CS6.  Everything is available for pre-order now.

They have a matrix showing the different product configurations you can purchase.  The different versions all have different upgade prices depending on what you are upgrading from. Continue reading Adobe Creative Cloud and CS6 Unveiled