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Snapseed is Apple’s Free App of the Week This Week


If you have an iPhone or iPad, and would like to tweak your photos easily then check out Snapseed.  It is the free app this week in Apple’s App Store.  I have it on the iPad, and iMac, and love it.  It’s free for the iPhone, and iPad this week, but usually costs $5.

For those of you familiar with Nik Software’s other desktop photo editing tools you will see the similarities in Snapseed.  The desktop filters for Lightroom, and Photoshop allow you to select points in the image to base your edits on using slider controls to change the image.  Snapseed is very similar although it streamlines the process a bit for the iOS version, and of course no other software is required as Snapseed is a stand alone app.

I wrote about  it in a previous post if you would like to get an idea of the dramatic changes you can make to your photos.

Have fun!

RANT – Is Adobe Switching Things Up With Creative Cloud? Where is Lightroom 4? Where are the Touch Apps?

Look here for my updated view.

I excitedly logged on to my Creative Cloud account around 2am this morning, and was surprised to find that I didn’t have free access to the touch apps, and Lightroom;  Both of which I am pretty sure I recall being included with the Cloud subscription plan.  I thought perhaps since it was so early that it would be updated later in the morning.

I am just logging in at 1230pm on May 11th, and am finding the same thing.  I have my account panel open but Continue reading RANT – Is Adobe Switching Things Up With Creative Cloud? Where is Lightroom 4? Where are the Touch Apps?

Free photo collection apps for the iPad

I happened to come across some free apps yesterday in the Apple app store for the iPad that  have stunning photos on several topics. I downloaded several of the free apps.  I haven’t gone through all of them yet, but figured I would grab them all since they were free.  They also have some functionality where you can save trip/travel ideas like Trey Ratcliff’s Stuck On Earth app (which is worth a look too).  Check them out.  These are the apps I nabbed:

  • Paris
  • National Parks – gorgeous images of our National Parks
  • Heritage
  • Japan
  • North Korea – an interesting collection of images from North Korea
  • Burma
  • France – some gorgeous shots of France with many aerial shots.
  • Wild Friends – some stunning wildlife images

iPad Synergy With Lightroom Using Photosmith

Thumbnail view of Photosmith images

I stumbled on to an app a few days ago called Photosmith. It’s billed as the iPad’s companion app for Adobe Lightroom. I found it while doing some searches on YouTube for using the iPad in a photographic workflow.  Photosmith doesn’t offer any editing functionality. Rather it allows you to organize, tag, select, or reject photos to later import into your catalog.  You’re probably better off doing any serious photo editing on the desktop, but for review, and selection the iPad works just fine.

Continue reading iPad Synergy With Lightroom Using Photosmith

Are you going to stop using Instagram now that Facebook has acquired them?

I’ve barely had a chance to get acquainted with Instagram now that I have it on my Android phone, and now Facebook has acquired them.  I read over the past few days the negative response to the acquisition.  Now long time Instagram users are pondering whether Facebook will totally foul up the popular social photo sharing service.  At least this takes the heat off new Android users of the service that have been maligned because they use Android phones rather then iPhones.

How do you feel about Facebook taking the service over?

Do you fault the Instagram crew for selling for $1 billion?

Are you likely to abandon Instagram now that Facebook owns them?  I am guessing that most will continue to use the service.  Every day I read at least five status updates about how much Facebook stinks yet nobody seems to leave.  I know a few people who actually did try to leave Facebook for Google Plus, but returned because nobody is using Google Plus.   Despite the acquisition I suspect Instagram will still be heavily used.  For the better remains to be seen.

What will be interesting to watch is if rivals to Instagram will see an uptick in usage.

These are cross platform so you can get them on iOS or Android,  I suspect they have the greatest chance in seeing an increase in usage since iPhone users may ditch Instagram, and want something new.

  • EyeEm – touted by Leo Laporte on a recent iPad Today webcast as having a nice UI
  • PicPlz
  • Pixlr-O-Matic – I have used this and it is pretty cool.

Below are some Android alternatives:


Why are iOS users angry about Instagram on Android?

I posted last week about Instagram finally being released for Android.  Since then I have read reports of disgust, and outrage from its iOS users.  I am just curious why?

I can recall in the early 1990’s when Metallica, and Guns and Roses broke through to become mainstream bands.  I was very disappointed.  There seemed to be a loss of the cool factor now that everybody was listening.  I am just wondering if the complaints that iOS users have is similar in nature?  Is it because it isn’t exclusive to the iPhone any longer, and that Android has crashed the party?

I read that Steve Jobs was angry about Google releasing the Android OS.  Another thought that occurred to me was if some of the negative reactions towards Instagram on Android stemmed from a sense of solidarity with Steve Job wanting to crush Android?

You can’t blame them for making an Android version.  There are more Android phones in use than iPhones.  It makes sense because Android is a huge market even if it is fragmented by multiple handset manufacturers.  I know from first hand experience that Android cameras are not the best, but they are getting better.  Having used high end Android mobile devices I can tell you that they aren’t bad.  Just different.  The competition is good for Apple.  Just as Microsoft pushed Apple to continually improve on their products, the Android market drives Apple to press on, and innovate.  I have always heard that the best camera you can use is the one you have with you.  If for some that happens to be an Android device then so be it.  Let the Android users sit at the table.  I think they may surprise you.

Instagram For Android on the Samsung Galaxy S2 – Install from Google Play.

If you have a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch see this post too.

I have been waiting for a while for this app to be released on Android.    I am into photography – obviously – but have been one of the seemingly few enthusiasts that didn’t have an iPhone.  Finally the Android version has been released, and is available for download.  HOWEVER – I don’t seem to be able to find it on the Google Play market app.  Play says it is compatible with my Sprint Samsung SPH-D710, but yet – it is not showing up for me?  Groan.

The market says any Android phone running Android v2.2 or later is compatible.  My phone is running Android 2.3.6.  In any case I went to the website for Google Play, and selected to install from there.  I was prompted to pick the device I wanted to install it to, and then suddenly I saw it being pushed to my phone.  I am not sure why I could not install it directly on my phone, but at least I was able to get it pushed out.  I also had trouble finding it, and had to use a link I found elsewhere to get to the listing in Google Play.

I am about to create my account and see what all the fuss is about.

Instagram Signup Page Announced

Instagram is coming to Android
Instagram is coming to Android

Instagram set up a sign up page for their Android app that is in development.  I wrote about this a few weeks ago.

I’ve been waiting for Instagram to come out on the Android platform for a while.  I’d see so many of my friends taking, and sharing interesting photos from their iPhones.  I wanted in on the fun.  I switched to OS X on the desktop, and iOS on the tablet, but still have my Android phone – a beautiful Samsung Galaxy S II that has me locked in for another 2 years.  So as far as Android is concerned I say BRING ON THE APPS!  Android obviously has its problems with market fragmentation, but there are a ton of users, and devices out there.  Let’s show the developers that it’s worth hanging in there to develop for Android.