Commentary – Adobe Creative Cloud – Now It’s On You…and Me.

Adobe Creative Cloud was made available today.  The program is a game changer in that Adobe is offerring their entire toolbox of applications for a single monthly fee.  Despite the online threads about what apps are or are not in the Cloud subscription the fact remains that you now have an impressive assortment of tools at your disposal for creating images, video, animations, artwork, websites, and printed materials.

The key thing is that is affordable.   Over time a subscription fee of $30 (intro for existing customers) or $50 for newcomers will add up.  However it keeps you current.  You get the newest features, patches, and versions as long as you are a subscriber.  The kicker is that you have access to what formerly cost a couple of grand every 2 years in a lump sum for a manageable monthly expense.

If you are a graphic designer who had been thinking about branching out into web design or needed the latest Illustrator or InDesign to create a restaurant menu, or a brochure now you can probably afford it, and take on jobs you may have had to pass up because your older software didn’t have what you needed anymore.  Maybe you are a web designer who wanted to begin diving into HTML5 web apps, or simulate Flash style websites using a timeline of browser animations in Javascript.  You have that now too.

As someone who is into photography I am very interested in exploring what I can do with After Effects regarding image presentations.  Before Creative Cloud I was unable to tinker.  Now I can.  Nice job so far Adobe.

What are you looking forward to trying out for the first time?  I look forward to your comments.

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