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Where to show off Your Photos? Flickr? ZenFolio? Pinterest?

What are you guys using to display your stuff…comments welcome.  I’m curious to see what else is out there.

I have used Flickr for no particular reason.  Somehow I just landed on it so many years back and stayed.  I guess if I were to begin selling work I would go for a service that had eCommerce built in to the site.  Or even quite possibly host it myself.

What are you guys using?  Why?


Google+ – what do you think?

I just started out my test drive of Google+ the other day.  I know it is still in beta so of course any criticism should be muted until they come out of beta.  I’ll be making some commentary once I have a chance to sit down and play with it.

I was just curious if anyone else out there is using it, and if so – your thoughts?