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Where to show off Your Photos? Flickr? ZenFolio? Pinterest?

What are you guys using to display your stuff…comments welcome.  I’m curious to see what else is out there.

I have used Flickr for no particular reason.  Somehow I just landed on it so many years back and stayed.  I guess if I were to begin selling work I would go for a service that had eCommerce built in to the site.  Or even quite possibly host it myself.

What are you guys using?  Why?


HTML5 Image Slideshows – Your Thoughts?

I have been thinking of writing a slideshow program for use on the web.  I was thinking of trying out the new HTML5 Canvas element for effects.  If you are a photographer with a website what kinds of effects would you like to see in a slideshow viewer….transitions, flips, flying in or out of images, fades, borders?.  I know what I would put in there, but am curious to see what you would want?  Don’t limit your opinions to effects if you have other ideas.  How about linking up with any photo web services?  Leave a comment or contact me on Twitter ( @zenphotoshop )

Alright…..Pixelcaptivity….What? What’s

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I made a change so sue me. Well…don’t sue me. I originally registered the Pixelcaptivity domain a few months ago thinking it sounded like a cool name for a photoblog. Sort of like a prison for my pixels…yeah I know. Geeky, but then again if you are reading this then you are most likely a photo-geek as well. So – long story short – I registered this domain, installed the blogging engine, and theme, exported my other site’s posts and did the old 301 redirect. Next up will be adding new content, styling the site, and seeing where it leads.  I thought this site would more accuratley reflect what I was trying to do which would be mainly focus on Photoshop and Lightroom and how I use it in my workflow.  I’ll probably also have plug-in related articles, maybe some personal reviews of products I have tried, or books  I have read as well…along with the occasional non-photography related post.


Until next time.

Coming Along!

This is the first time in a week that I actually had time to work on the site – sorry about that.

Today I started to dive into theming the site, and trying to figure out what I want to post up here with respect to photos.  This weekend I will probably start working on a nice header background to complement the site name.  I was tinkering around with this the other day.  Normally I would use Photoshop for a mock-up of a site, but this time I tried using Illustrator based on an article I found over on Smashing Magazine.  As far as setting up a wire-frame it was easier, but I think I would still use Photoshop to create the graphics – primarily due to the fact that I am more familiar with the Photoshop interface.

I am also trying to figure out what I will be using for my Screen-casts.   It seems there are several options with the most prominent being Camtasia Studio.  I have an install of SnagIt which will also allow you to create a screen-cast, although I am guessing it isn’t as robust as Camtasia.  I also need to use something that will allow me to do some editing and titles/transitions.  Plenty of time to figure that out – I’ll concentrate on just getting the site together for now.

Unleash Your Pixels!

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I decided to begin this site to share what I know about photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, and photo-editing.  Along the way perhaps I’ll pick up some cool tips from you as well.  I am planning on posting news articles about events, and stories in the industry, and also reviews or comments about products I use.  I also plan on doing some screen-casts to show how I overcome some imaging obstacles in Lightroom and Photoshop.  The goal is to help out the average “non-graphic artist” get more out of their images.

I have been shooting since 1998 when I got my first SLR, a Pentax K-1000.  It was a great fully manual starter camera that took many shots for me.  After a few years I progressed to a Canon Rebel which was then followed up by a series of digital cameras that culminated in my current mode – a Canon 50D.  My Canon and I have shot roughly 30,000 photos in the past two years – scenics, cityscape, event photos (car and flower shows), and sports (Phillies games).  In the past two years I have also grown in my knowledge of how to edit, extract, and clean up photos using Lightroom.  As I always say – to learn you need to shoot and then edit – and do it a lot!
So get shooting – I’ll be back soon to show you some stuff!