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How Do You Keep The Rain Off Your Camera Gear?

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I am a baseball fan, and usually attend several Phillies games per season.  Invariably there are going to be games that will be played under threat of bad weather.  I generally have my camera in tow to shoot game action, and happenings in the crowd.  Bad weather can throw a wrench into my well laid plans to capture the event.  If there is more than a spritz of rain I usually take cover on the concourse underneath the upper deck.  However with the way the winds are directed through the center field area there can be a wind tunnel formed almost anywhere.  The problem can be compounded if you have one of those misty rains where it’s not really raining, but yet you can feel a constant barrage of fine spray hitting your face.  This will wreak havoc with your camera.  Tonight is potentially going to be one of those nights.

At 8:05pm ET Cliff Lee, and the rest of the Phillies will take the field against the New York Mets to try to sweep them in the 3 game series.  As of now there appears to be a good chance of rain.  You may ask – what about the pro’s down on the field?  You’ll see them shooting in the mist or light rain.  Although they generally have a towel draped over their camera and obscenely long lenses.  The key feature their gear has that mine is lacking are the all weather seals on the high end pro cameras and lenses.

In lieu of those great seals I have been using a home made hack to help shield my camera.  A Ziplock bag with a rubber band wrapped around the barrel of my lens.  It’s big enough in the back to allow me to fit my camera-holding, ham hand through, and still be able to reach the other controls with my other ham hand.  It’s not the most elegant solution, but it has served me well so far.  I am sure there are better ways to accomplish a dry camera.

I have read that you can also use a shower cap, and have seen numerous products for sale that will shield your gear from the elements.  The prices vary widely, and I wonder for the price how much more effective than a Ziplock bag are they?

What are you using to keep the rain off your gear?