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Photoshop Seminars Are So Much Fun

Last Thursday I attended the Kelby Training Seminar From Focused to Finished by Ben Willmore.  I had attended a CS2 class of his many years ago, and knew it would be a treat.  His knowledge of Photoshop is amazing, and he has a way of really explaining things so you can understand the how behind how Photoshop works.  I can’t wait to see what he has up next as he said he would have a couple of new DVD titles coming up soon.  Some of what they went over I already knew, but I did learn a few new tricks.  I also enjoyed the part of the class where he went over some of the gear he uses when in the field, and camera techniques to help you get around tough shooting situations.  I recommend his classes for anyone looking to get to the next level.    I am hoping to take in Photoshop World this fall or next Winter to gorge on even more Photoshop knowledge.