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Stadium Experiences – Be Ready When Opportunity Knocks –

The Phanatic Enjoying Some Popcorn With Friends
The Phanatic Enjoying Some Popcorn With Friends

Here’s is just a shot of some fun the Phillie Phanatic was having with some fans during the 8th inning of Sunday’s game vs the Miami marlins.  Generally he will get on the Phillies’ dugout, and play out a bit, or dance with some fans.  It had rained twice on the crowd that day so instead he opted to show up in the suites to dance to some Chuck Berry, and enjoy some popcorn.  Unfortunately for the people below he had a hard time holding on to his popcorn.

I had debated on even bringing my camera that day as rain was expected.  It did shower twice, but my seats were protected enough to stay dry.  Soon after the second rain shower he suddenly appeared, and I scrambled to dig my camera out of my bag.  Luckily I was still set on shutter priority, and snapped off a couple of hundred shots as he danced with popcorn flying everywhere.  I’m planning on trying to do a sequence in Premiere for fun.

Be prepared when you’re out shooting.  You never know when a photo is going to happen.