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I’m Excited About Trying HDR Editing in Lightroom 4.1 via Photoshop CS6

Lightroom 4.1 now has the ability to process 32 bit TIFF files from HDR apps.  This is great because now I can take advantage of all the non-destructive abilities of Lightroom processing.  Previously I’d start in Lightroom, and then export my images to Photomatix, or HDR Efex, and then re-import back into Lightroom.  So in this respect the process is very much the same, except now I am exporting to Photoshop, and merging in HDR Pro in Photoshop CS6.  Once I am in HDR Pro I can de-ghost, and save the file back as a 32 bit TIFF to Lightroom. Continue reading I’m Excited About Trying HDR Editing in Lightroom 4.1 via Photoshop CS6

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

[slickr-flickr tag=”xmas_williamsburg3″ id=:72749431@N00″ descriptions=”on” type=”gallery” align=”center” size=”large” thumbnail_size=”small” thumbnail_scale=”80″  captions=”on” align=”center”  flickr_link=”on”  border=”on” height=”auto” photos_per_row=”3″]

I haven’t taken any new photos since July.  Since July!!!  I have been dying for some new photos to edit, and unfortunately have been unable to get out to shoot.  I decided with Christmas coming to go back to some shots from a year ago, and see what I could do.  Last December I visited Williamsburg, VA, and took shots in Colonial Williamsburg on a very cold day.  The district was dressed up in colonial era decorations, and I had a lot of fun doing some HDR.  There were numerous shots that at the time I didn’t see as making fun images.   As time passes you have time to let them sit, and also technology evolves that will allow you to better refine those images into something fun.  That is what I hope I have done here.

I am hoping to get out in the next few weeks to make some new images.  If not then I have another batch of images that I may be able to dig down deep into to see what I can find.