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Are you going to stop using Instagram now that Facebook has acquired them?

I’ve barely had a chance to get acquainted with Instagram now that I have it on my Android phone, and now Facebook has acquired them.  I read over the past few days the negative response to the acquisition.  Now long time Instagram users are pondering whether Facebook will totally foul up the popular social photo sharing service.  At least this takes the heat off new Android users of the service that have been maligned because they use Android phones rather then iPhones.

How do you feel about Facebook taking the service over?

Do you fault the Instagram crew for selling for $1 billion?

Are you likely to abandon Instagram now that Facebook owns them?  I am guessing that most will continue to use the service.  Every day I read at least five status updates about how much Facebook stinks yet nobody seems to leave.  I know a few people who actually did try to leave Facebook for Google Plus, but returned because nobody is using Google Plus.   Despite the acquisition I suspect Instagram will still be heavily used.  For the better remains to be seen.

What will be interesting to watch is if rivals to Instagram will see an uptick in usage.

These are cross platform so you can get them on iOS or Android,  I suspect they have the greatest chance in seeing an increase in usage since iPhone users may ditch Instagram, and want something new.

  • EyeEm – touted by Leo Laporte on a recent iPad Today webcast as having a nice UI
  • PicPlz
  • Pixlr-O-Matic – I have used this and it is pretty cool.

Below are some Android alternatives:


Instagram Signup Page Announced

Instagram is coming to Android
Instagram is coming to Android

Instagram set up a sign up page for their Android app that is in development.  I wrote about this a few weeks ago.

I’ve been waiting for Instagram to come out on the Android platform for a while.  I’d see so many of my friends taking, and sharing interesting photos from their iPhones.  I wanted in on the fun.  I switched to OS X on the desktop, and iOS on the tablet, but still have my Android phone – a beautiful Samsung Galaxy S II that has me locked in for another 2 years.  So as far as Android is concerned I say BRING ON THE APPS!  Android obviously has its problems with market fragmentation, but there are a ton of users, and devices out there.  Let’s show the developers that it’s worth hanging in there to develop for Android.