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Using the iPad for Photography

I am still finding my way in terms of using the new iPad in my photographic workflow.  I think any serious editing has to be done on a desktop, or laptop computer.  However for fun, and creative exploration the iPad is an obvious choice.  I used Snapseed a few days ago to edit my first “on tablet” photo, and I was impressed with the results. Since then I have been moving images over to my iPad to see if anything strikes me as I go through an old library of photos from a trip to West Virginia.  Continue reading Using the iPad for Photography

The New iPad – Week 1 – Snapseed Image Editing

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I’ve been playing with the new iPad, and Apple TV for 4 days now, and continue to be impressed.  Last night I purchased Nik Snapseed for the iPad.  It was released for Windows, and OS X in the past, and a version for Android is on the way.  I thought that an app like this would be most handy in a mobile setting on my tablet so I refrained from getting it for Windows last month.  I thought that I would hold off for the Android version, and run it once my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was upgraded to Android 4.0 – aka Ice Cream Sandwich.  The surprise twist was that I ended up getting the iPad on Friday.  I’m glad I waited. (Backstory – I became an Apple computer, and tablet convert in the past 5 weeks)

Continue reading The New iPad – Week 1 – Snapseed Image Editing

iPhoto Bests Photoshop on iOS

Ars Technica posted a review over the weekend featuring a shootout between Apple’s new iPhoto application going against Adobe’s iOS version of Photoshop.  They gave iPhoto the edge in their tests.  I’ll be interested in to see it in action myself.  Currently I have an Android tablet for which there is already a version of Photoshop available.  I expect I will be getting the new iPad sometime later this year at which point I’ll try them both out.

In the past I was always a bit skeptical about how much you could actually get done on a mobile device with photos beyond simple edits, and applying filters.  Many apps are currently available that allow for quick and fun editing of images on the fly.  I am just curious how the iPad will change that.  Will the iPad become a serious platform for image editing or will it remain the domain for simple and quick fixes?

What do you think?