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Storage With a Quickness! – Redux

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I posted last week about getting my first high speed CF card. I was not disappointed. I shot photos at the Phillies game for their opening weekend. It was very cold Friday and Saturday but the weather was made up for by seeing our team again, especially Cliff Lee. Now…back to CF cards!

When at the games I generally shoot between 600-800 shots, mainly due to the fact that on most plays I am shooting in burst mode, and capture between 6-12 photos each burst. In the past I previously filled the buffer at around 8-9 photos, but with the new San Disk 8GB 400x card I was able to get that figure up to 12-13 before the buffer was filled up. I was shooting in high quality jpeg format at 15.1 MP, and definitely saw an improvement in performance. I am considering purchasing another new card. If you are finding that your camera’s buffer is filling up before you can get the burst of shots you want then maybe try upgrading your memory card.

Storage With a Quickness!

I just purchased a Sandisk Extreme 8GB card.  We’ll see if the 60MB/s can enhance my 50D’s burst speed.  I was thinking of going with a larger capacity but decided the 8GB would be fine for now, and if I need another I’d buy another 8GB card.  They are cheap enough, plus if I had purchased a 16GB, and it went bad then I would end up losing all my shots.  Up until now I had been using 2 old Ultra II 1 GB cards and an Extreme III card at 30MB/s.  We’ll see if this faster card makes a difference.

I will be doing some shooting on Thursday, although the subject won’t really require bursts of shots at a time.  I will be attending the Phillies opening weekend though, and am hoping to get some high speed action at the stadium.