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Sprint Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch Users – Did you get Your Ice Cream Sandwich Yet?

UPDATE – Here we are a week in to the rollout.  I have yet to get the update.  I check every morning, and the updater tells me I am already up to date even though I am not running ICS now.  I was curious if anyone has gotten the update yet?  Have you had issues?   I saw some forum posts around the web referring to issues many had after upgrading to ICS.

I was just curious if any Sprint Samsung Galaxy Epic 4G Touch users have seen the Ice Cream Sandwich update yet?  It was mentioned in the Sprint community forums, but I have yet to see it.  When I try to do an on demand update I am told that I am currently at the latest rev which is Android 2.3.6.  This was supposed to start on 7/12/2012.  Still waiting!!!  I am presuming that all of the new UI  features will still be hidden by the Samsung Touchwiz UI?  Beyond that Android 4.1 Jellybean is now out so once again Sprint users are still behind.

Feel free to comment below about whether you got the update, and if you like it.

Using the iPad for Photography

I am still finding my way in terms of using the new iPad in my photographic workflow.  I think any serious editing has to be done on a desktop, or laptop computer.  However for fun, and creative exploration the iPad is an obvious choice.  I used Snapseed a few days ago to edit my first “on tablet” photo, and I was impressed with the results. Since then I have been moving images over to my iPad to see if anything strikes me as I go through an old library of photos from a trip to West Virginia.  Continue reading Using the iPad for Photography

What Are You Using to Back Up Your Images?

There was a post on Adobe Lightroom Killer Tips the other day asking what people use to store photos.  In the past it was easy enough to use CDs or DVDs as the file size of images…usually jpegs…was small.  Image sizes have grown in recent years as the number of megapixels have increased with each new wave of digital cameras.  Continue reading What Are You Using to Back Up Your Images?

Did You Order Your iPad Yet?

The New Apple iPad
The New Apple iPad

I am not too excited about the new model of iPad announced at today’s Apple event. Maybe you heard about it?

Last summer I purchased a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 during my “Not a fan of Apple” phase. I didn’t like the closed system Apple used, and yearned for the openness of Android. For the most part I have not been disappointed. My Android tablet has been stable, easy to use, and added to my productivity.
But… Continue reading Did You Order Your iPad Yet?

Ooooh! Brownies!

A neighbor had recently been going through some things from his parents house, and he came across a few vintage cameras from the early part of the twentieth century.  I am always fascinated by antique gadgets, and have amassed my own collection of obsolete eletronics over the years.  Everything is disposable these days, and leaves us yearning for a day when the “stuff” we purchased was meant to last longer than a model’s production cycle.

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The older of the two cameras he unearthed was a Six-20 Target Brownie.  I did a little digging around on the interwebs, and found that the particular model was made between 1940 and 1952 with an original price of $2-4 (USD).  On eBay they were not going for much more than that these days.  Who uses film anymore???

The second camera is another Brownie. This one being a Reflex 20 model that was made, and used in the late 1950s to mid 1960s.  This one is a little more advanced, and user friendly.  It has a proper camera strap to begin with, and there is a dial around the lens that allows you to select the focusing range for scenery, groups, or close-ups. I guess this is a mid 20th century version of a pre-set!

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It’s also a lot easier to open.  I was hesitant to open the aforementioned Six-20 model even with a scanned copy of the manual.  The latter model is very easy to open, and seemed to have a much better engineered design.  Beyond that there isn’t much I can do or say about either model as I have no 620 roll film!  I just though these were novel given the much smaller size we have these days, and how they differ in technology.

Absentee Blogger

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Hi All – I know.  I have been an absentee blogger.  I’ve been consumed with some family matters recently, but am looking forward to getting back to shooting, and experimenting in the digital darkroom.  I have been shooting at a few Philles games I have attended recently, but nothing beyond that.  Tonight I’ll be shooting down at Citizen’s Bank Park as the Phillies face off vs the Boston Red Sox, and am hoping that Cliff Lee can make it 5 wins in a row for him.

Later this week I am hoping to get back into some regular posting with some articles I have been cooking for a while on how I process in Lightroom, and some more HDR goodness.  I am also going to post some photos of some old Kodak Brownie cameras a friend recently found in going through an attic.  It’s amazing to see how far technology has come.

Until then keep shooting!

How Do You Keep The Rain Off Your Camera Gear?

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I am a baseball fan, and usually attend several Phillies games per season.  Invariably there are going to be games that will be played under threat of bad weather.  I generally have my camera in tow to shoot game action, and happenings in the crowd.  Bad weather can throw a wrench into my well laid plans to capture the event.  If there is more than a spritz of rain I usually take cover on the concourse underneath the upper deck.  However with the way the winds are directed through the center field area there can be a wind tunnel formed almost anywhere.  The problem can be compounded if you have one of those misty rains where it’s not really raining, but yet you can feel a constant barrage of fine spray hitting your face.  This will wreak havoc with your camera.  Tonight is potentially going to be one of those nights.

At 8:05pm ET Cliff Lee, and the rest of the Phillies will take the field against the New York Mets to try to sweep them in the 3 game series.  As of now there appears to be a good chance of rain.  You may ask – what about the pro’s down on the field?  You’ll see them shooting in the mist or light rain.  Although they generally have a towel draped over their camera and obscenely long lenses.  The key feature their gear has that mine is lacking are the all weather seals on the high end pro cameras and lenses.

In lieu of those great seals I have been using a home made hack to help shield my camera.  A Ziplock bag with a rubber band wrapped around the barrel of my lens.  It’s big enough in the back to allow me to fit my camera-holding, ham hand through, and still be able to reach the other controls with my other ham hand.  It’s not the most elegant solution, but it has served me well so far.  I am sure there are better ways to accomplish a dry camera.

I have read that you can also use a shower cap, and have seen numerous products for sale that will shield your gear from the elements.  The prices vary widely, and I wonder for the price how much more effective than a Ziplock bag are they?

What are you using to keep the rain off your gear?

Nook Color Update is Finally Here

Barnes and Noble released the update for it’s Color Nook today.

Finally Android 2.2, Flash support, page turn animations, an app store (limited right now) and a built in email app…can’t forget about Angry Birds either!  I have been using my Nook Color since November and love it.  It appears that it is becoming a low priced Android tablet alternative.

Here is an article from PC World regarding it’s positioning as a cheap iPad.

The update link from B&

Want List – Promote Control

While reading through some photoblogs today I was made aware of a device that allows you to dial in custom exposure, and camera settings for bracketing and time lapse photography.  I must have it!

I am sure I would find other uses for this besides auto exposure bracketing, but for now the prospects of being able to do expanded sequence shooting has me salivating.  My current workflow has me shooting 3 shots, and I adjust the exposure compensation based on the histogram.    I have been doing an expanded version of this more recently where I do two sequences of 3 shots at 2 EV spacing.  I am planning on doing a sequence where I shoot at 1 EV spacing from -3 to +3.   From what I read about this device you can dial in settings so you can shoot up to 29 exposures using fractions of a stop? Wow. When I get one I will post a review, and some of my experiences.

There is a very nice review of the device here.