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The Radian App is Now Avaiable in Itunes App Store

Radian as Shipped
Radian as Shipped

I posted earlier today about the arrival of my Radian. Finally after a long day I got the chance to dig into the box. I received the following:

  • Black Radian
  • micro-USB cable for charging
  • Black L-Bracket
  • Cable for Canon (N3)
  • the t-shirt which I can only hope to wear someday
  • A nice mesh bag to carry the unit and accessories
  • programming cable
  • tiny bubble level
  • some rubber feet

My first impressions of the unit is that it seems to be solidly put together. The base feels solid, and is made of metal. The top portion is made of a plastic type material but feels good. it’s smooth, and doesn’t seem to flex under the gentle pressure of handling like with some products.. In other words – it doesn’t feel cheap. I followed the instructions, and used the micro-USB cable to charge off my computer, and am about to tear into the manual that came with the unit. I also got a Radian sticker with the unit, and a nice card from the Radian Team thanking the supporters for backing the product.

I’m eagerly awaiting the release of the Radian app in the App Store so I can begin to play. I checked on the manufacturer’s website, and their support section states the iOS app is awaiting approval. The Android app is already available.. The iOS app is now available. It must have went live as soon as I wrote this post.

Anybody else got a Radian?

The Radian Is In The House


Also see my unboxing post with info about the iOS control app to go with the unit.

I am very excited about the arrival of my new Radian time lapse device.  For those of you that haven’t seen it you can check out their page on Kickstarter.  I helped to fund them last August and they were very diligent about keeping us updated about what was going on.  Unfortunately they had some production delays but I would rather have a viable product than something not ready for release.  I’ll be posting later this week some photos of what I received, and maybe even a sample time lapse video.  My first task will be to look into some time lapse software I can use in concert with Lightroom and photoshop.  I am extremely excited!

Light Painting Goes Mainstream

I came across this video today.  A group called The Aurora Light Painters auditioned for America’s Got Talent, and blew away the audience, Howard Stern, Howie Mandel and Sharon Osbourne.  It was pretty cool.  I don’t normally watch these shows, but will be interested to see what they come up with during the course of the competition.

The New iPad – Week 1 – Snapseed Image Editing

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I’ve been playing with the new iPad, and Apple TV for 4 days now, and continue to be impressed.  Last night I purchased Nik Snapseed for the iPad.  It was released for Windows, and OS X in the past, and a version for Android is on the way.  I thought that an app like this would be most handy in a mobile setting on my tablet so I refrained from getting it for Windows last month.  I thought that I would hold off for the Android version, and run it once my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was upgraded to Android 4.0 – aka Ice Cream Sandwich.  The surprise twist was that I ended up getting the iPad on Friday.  I’m glad I waited. (Backstory – I became an Apple computer, and tablet convert in the past 5 weeks)

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Experimenting With Bracketing

Exposure Bracketing for HDR
The auto exposure bracketing dialog allowing EV from -4 to +4

As you can see I am into HDR right now, and am exploring different methods of shooting, and blending my exposures into a single image.  I recently read that if you have too many exposures being merged in an HDR workflow that you can introduce artifacts and digital noise. I am guessing this is wrong – at least if you are careful about your exposures.    I would think that with a series of properly exposed captures being merged together you would be able to maintain good shadow detail without a lot of noise being introduced.  Obviously there will be points where white, and black will be clipped but if you have the proper EV spacing I would expect that you could minimize any noise in RAW processing.

When I first started out shooting HDR I used the standard 3 bracket sequence at -2, 0 and +2 EV.  Since then I have used the wheel on my 50D to move the range to the dark side 2 EV and then to the light side 2 EV.  Using this pattern I am able to get 5  exposures at 2 EV spacing.  My next experiment will be to set the spacing to 1 EV and slide the window of range from -4 to +4.  Doing this should allow me to get 9 exposures at 1EV spacing.  I am just curious to see how it comes out.  A side experiment I may try would be to perhaps use just a subset of the exposures to get a certain light/dark balance in the photo.

Thoughts on HDR – Part 1

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HDR photography seems to be all the craze these days.  I first encountered it about 3-4 years ago, and was amazed at the look, and pop of the images.  After doing some research, and getting some software to process the images I started  my HDR odyssey around December 2009.  My camera, tripod and imagination went to my friend’s house that was all decked out for the Christmas holidays.  I ended up shooting a few of his Christmas trees, and other decorations.  Some of the shots turned out great which I attribute to getting balanced exposures across all 3 bracketed shots.  For others I was able to do something with, but the dynamic range of the scene was a bit too broad, and they may have benefited from a 5-7 bracket capture.

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At the time I had been doing 3 brackets at 2 EV spacing.  Since then I have found that I can expand it all the way up to 5 shots in camera if I just roll the range from the -2 EV end to the +2 EV end.  To get even more granular I can roll the range up in 1 EV increments to end up with a total of 8 bracketed exposures.  Caveat; I have been reading that when you do this you can introduce some digital noise in the HDR process.  These days I generally try to stick to 5 exposures, and I shoot in RAW + jpeg when I can.

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I am scouting some locations for a good subject, and am planning on trying to get the 8 bracketed shots.  I won’t necessarily roll all of them into the HDR process.   I plan to pick and choose 5 and try a few different variations with different subsets of exposures from the shoot to see what I like most aesthetically.  More to follow!