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Merry Christmas To All and To All A Good Night.

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This is a batch of images that I processed last year.   I have another series of posts on images that I processed this year after a revisit of the source images.  These were all hand held shots – not all technically perfect images but I thought they had a festive quality none-the-less.  I am hoping to have some new stuff for next year.

I hope you enjoy them – Merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve Is Here! Revisiting Christmas Town – Part 4/4

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If you missed the other parts in this series see them here:

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I missed posting these last night due to some last minute Christmas activities.  I hope everyone has enjoyed the photos.  I have another batch I will be posting later, and tomorrow that were from my original batch of images last year.  Here’s hoping everyone has a great holiday and a Happy New Year!

Christmas Town – 2 Days Left! What Did You Get Me?

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I posted part 2 of this series yesterday.  See also Part 4.

Once again I am looking back at photos from last year’s visit to Christmas Town at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg.  It was a fun visit, although the day I took all of these shots it was about 40 degrees and drizzling.  You can see in the image of the tree that is all lit up in white lights that there is a little bit of moisture on the lens.

Luckily I had my Gore Tex parka with me that day.   I was there with a long time friend and his family, and luckily my buddy was good enough to hold an umbrella over my head to keep the camera dry when I needed it.  Someday I’ll get the camera body with those pro grade seals!




Christmas Town – 3 Days and Counting

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I posted part 1 of this series yesterday.

I was taking a look back at some photos I took last year in Busch Gardens for fun.  It was the Christmas Town display.  It’s funny how your eye can change in a year.  When I first took these photos I ended up with a batch of about 15 that I will be posting soon.  I decided to go back to the source images this year, and see what else I could dig out of them.  I guess a photo is never truly finished.  When I edited last year I ended up with several images that I didn’t think I could use.  Now a year later I am finding that with a little work, and added skill I was able to dig a little deeper to find those harder to see images under those raw pixels on the screen. Ok – that sounds kind of hokey, but I have often found in life that sometimes leaving something alone for a while is the best thing.  When you go back you have a different perspective, maybe some new skills that allow you to better express yourself.  I am hoping that is the case now and in the future.  Sometimes it’s best to drop things for a while.

See also Part 1, Part 3, and Part 4!


Christmas Town – A Second Look – 4 Days to Go!

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Last year I visited Busch Gardens Christmas Town display for the first time.  It was pretty amazing.  This year I am going to Longwood Gardens to see their Christmas display for the first time, and have been told that the Busch Gardens display is superior so we shall see.  I have a set of images from last year’s visit to Busch Gardens that I will be posting here in the not too distant future.  Tonight I started to take a look back at the source images to see what else I could find that was interesting or fun to my eye.  Starting tonight I’ll be posting a few images each night as part of my countdown to Christmas.  I can’t believe it’s already here.

This has always been one of my favorite times of year – the lights, the excitement.  I can remember being a kid and how everything would relax at school, half days before the holiday break, hanging out at friends houses.  Good times.  Hopefully we’re all having them still.

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Christmas Lights at Peddler’s Village

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Finally some bulk images are done.  I hadn’t shot since July,  and was really itching to get out and shoot.  These are my best of the lot as I was becoming re-familiarized with my camera after a long layoff.  It’s like falling off a bike – comes right back to you.  I joined a group of photographers for an outing at Peddler’s Village in the New Hope, PA area.  I have been corrected several times that it is not New Hope but rather Lashka, PA – a town just over from New Hope.  Sorry about the confusion folks.  When your destination is distant you have a tendency to lump it in with whatever major destination you know.  Sort of how Brooklyn or the Bronx are known as New York, but am sure to the locals they are very different things indeed.

So I trekked up with a friend riding shotgun to see the Christmas lights.  I thought it would be a nice scene because I photographed Christmas lights last year at Busch Gardens Christmas town, and had so much fun.  We got there late, and only bumped in to the other photographers there for a short amount of time due to the cold.  I think I only shot for about an hour or so, and realized that using a metal monopod in 30 degree weather without gloves is a bad idea.  I need to get myself some knit gloves where I can cut out the fingertips to ease access to camera controls.  I meandered from the parking area (almost got my car stuck in a spot – grassy field with muddy tire ruts from a previous victim), and made way way slowly because I am still coming off a back injury, but the walking was good.  I got to use my new monopod whose purchase was inspired by Ben Willmore in a class I took this spring – it is a nice monopod.  I think I really need to get myself a nice tripod.  Something in carbon fiber (light weight), and portable that won’t break my bank account which is easy to do.

Finally I made it through to the main area where the other photographers were gathered.  It was a lot of fun talking, and interacting with them as I have been shooting solo, and in a vaccuum for a while.  It’s good to see others in action – makes you push yourself, and you learn a few things as well so I am looking forward to going to future outings.

So here are about 18 images I spent the last week editing.   I am re-finding my style in the editing process, and the source images were rough as I hadn’t shot in a while.  What I normally do in a situation where I have issues with images is try to find the good image within.  Sometimes that means deviating from a realistic look and going for HDR or applying some effect.   As far as I am concerned if it is aesthetically pleasing, and not overkill then it is a successful image –  which is very subjective anyway.  I do think that a New Years resolution of mine is going to be  to try to improve my skills to get better with my in camera capture, and be a bit more methodical when shooting to give me more latitude in the digital darkroom for processing.

I am sure I will have more Christmas related posts upcoming, but for now I hope you enjoy these images.  Feel free to comment.