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Winter in Philly – The Philly Auto Show – Part 1

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See also Part 2 in the series.

We’ve made it through the holidays, and Superbowl time. It’s too cold outside to really walk around shooting for an extended period of time so what to do? Last week I decided to go to the Philadelphia Auto Show, and see what I could find cool to photograph. I had been there in the past, and had captured using my Canon 10-22mm wide angle. The great thing about that lens it that it allows me to get in really close, and also get the whole vehicle in the frame. This is especially important as the show was fairly crowded for a weekday late afternoon. The show was held in the newly remodeled section of the Pennsylvania Convention Center. It had been enlarged, and allowed the show to have about 50-60k more square footage to work with. As a result the show felt much more open than in years past.

Initially I was going to bring my new 24-105 to the show to be able to get a little bit more of a normal lens look. The 10-22 can really give you that wide angle distortion unless you shoot the subject at the right angle, unless of course I am going for the distorted composition. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the 24-105 as I hadn’t shot in close quarters yet. I knew what to expect with the 10-22, but I wasn’t used to the 24-105 coverage yet.

Before leaving I ran out to the driveway, and took a few close quarters shots of my car realizing immediately that I’d need the wide angle. I was a little disappointed, but figured better to go with what works. I swapped out lenses, and was on my way sans camera bag to allow for a bit more mobility. This was a first for me as I usually have my bag with me, and it was really nice not to have to worry about constantly keeping tabs on whether it was on my shoulder or not; something I may consider for my Phillies games in the summer.

I am really looking forward to getting some major use of the 24-105 which I think I will use when I hit the flower show in about a month. I don’t expect to be able to get smooth bokeh so I may look into some extension tubes for my rig. I have a 55-250 I could bring, but I want to try something new, and my 24-105 represents that. It’s my first constant aperture lens so I am looking forward to getting a bit more creative in terms of depth of field, and expanding my technique.

I did manage to get some images that pleased me from this year’s visit to the auto show. As I finish a few more images I will post then so that you can see them in Part 2.