A New Start

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Normally the end of the year is a time for reflection, and getting your ideas together for the coming year.  In my case having been laid up due to an injury for several months I am itching to change things up.  This is just a sample post in the spirit of Christmas as I get ready to redesign my site.  I took these photos on a trip to Colonial Willaimsburg last December.  I am unable to make the trek this year to which I am disappointed but thought that I would post these shots to get a little jolly!

As for changing things- this blog will be undergoing a lot of changes in the next month or so – both on the back end and front end.  Hopefully you will be patient as I get this running again.  I am looking forward to more shooting, editing, posting some “How I did this” videos and whatever else comes to mind.

3 thoughts on “A New Start”

  1. These are my most favorite shots. Wish I could get down there during the holiday season. However your pics are probably even better than reality! Nice!

  2. Thanks! I wish I could get there too. I have some from the displays at Busch Gardens I will be posting soon. You may have already seen them too but I figure what the heck! It’s Christmas season!

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